Liberby Studio | Our Textile Factories

Liberby Studio has a textile production capability that exceeds 50 million garments per year. We work both for Fast Fashion lines and for specialized production destined for Premium Brands in markets across the world. That way, we are able to cover all kind of garment, as flat, knit, denim, circular or mixed.

Experience and production guarantees

Our production partners are carefully selected among the best factories in the world. All of them have between 10 and 40 years of experience working for the most important global brands in the fashion industry. We have several sample departments and a highly qualified staff. We also have the best machines and only work with the best suppliers.

Quality and excellence

In Liberby we take care of the garments from the first moment. We advise our clients and work with them from the beginning in the selection of fabrics, looking for sustainability and the best results and finishes. For this purpose, each garment is checked several times before being delivered.