About us

Liberby® is an international design studio dedicated to applying New Technologies and sustainability in the fashion sector and other related sectors.

We specialize in services for the fashion industry and we collaborate with other companies in various areas such as branding management, development of new products, always based on specific the data analytical and a clear sustainable orientation.

Liberby® was founded by a group of professionals from different areas, such as design, production, purchasing, New Technologies, logistics, marketing and linguistics, among others. However, all of them with a common denominator: the desire to give back the fashion and the consumption, in a general sense, to its natural instinct. A social instinct, responsible, restless, wild but at the same time calm …

Our way of working is absolutely asymmetric and open.

In the end, despite the fact that fashion, and consumption, in general sense, are now confused with many concepts, deep down both still retains its more intelligence, primitive and animal : The sense of conservation and the social responsibility.