How we understand sustainability in Liberby

What are we talking about when we talk about sustainability? Do we really know … ?

Today’s society demands a responsible consumption. As consumers, we no longer settle for a simple label on recycled paper or a nice green slogan.

We need a change of mentality, and in this context Liberby offers you our concept and solutions for smart consumption, for the textile sector or others, because the trend identifiers we work with are exportable to other areas.

Fashion, Technology and Sustainability

New Technologies in the fashion and textile sector can help implement not only global solutions, but also processes that offer speed, guarantee and quality. Both at the level of choice of the best and sustainables fabrics, as in the best finishes or to implement the best color solutions with international standards. From design to production, fast, simple, with personalized service and the best price quality ratio. Simply: we are ready, we can do it …